BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- The Mall of America wants to build an enormous water park costing more than $150 million.

According to a presentation to the Bloomington City Council Tuesday, mall owner Triple 5 proposes to build the water park in a new addition to the east of the mall.

The water park would be one of the largest in North America at 250,000 square feet - almost four times bigger than a football field.

The new east addition would also include at least one hotel, which would be built and financed separately.

“I want to stress that this is in the very early stages. Nothing is imminent,” said Bloomington Port Authority Administrator Schane Rudling.

At the soonest, he said, work on the project could begin “within a year.”

Triple 5 is asking the city of Bloomington to finance the construction of the park. The city would own the project and would receive profits from its operation, said Rudling. Cities can borrow money more cheaply than private businesses, he said.

The Mall of America water park would be open to the public, unlike other nearby water parks that requires users to be guests at a hotel.