ST PAUL-Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is transparent about how much his Super Bowl ticket cost but not so much about which team may earn his cheers.

As he was ending an unrelated news conference Wednesday, Jan. 24, reporters began asking Dayton about the Super Bowl, to be played in Minneapolis Feb. 4.

The last question was whether he would cheer for the Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots.

Dayton hesitated, started to answer the question, stopped, started again and eventually said, "I will be there" and left to the laughter of reporters.

Earlier, he said, "We have two terrific teams that are playing."

The governor did not remember how much he paid for his ticket from his own money, but an aide later said it was $6,000. The tickets were bought online above face value, but "at market value" at the time, Dayton said.

He plans to sit with his two sons in the U.S. Bank Stadium lower level.

Dayton promised to be a good host for the thousands of fans attending. "The events I was invited to. ... We want to showcase this magnificent state."

But he does not want to showcase the snowstorm southern Minnesota just endured. "I'm seriously down on my knees praying we don't have a repeat of this week's snowstorm on Super Bowl Sunday." Though he is headed to the big game, he is not quite as excited that the game will not include the Minnesota Vikings. "I am going to go with less enthusiasm than I had hoped for."